Teachings of Pierre Goursat
on compassion

Mary is compassion

Teaching given by Pierre Goursat, during a training day, for people participating in the Emmanuel
prayer assemblies.


This teaching was given by Pierre Goursat, probably following the project presentation of a “therapy centre” for young people in difficulty, a group towards whom he had always been particularly attentive.

This was an initiative he held close to his heart and which had already been put into place aboard ‘La Peniche’, a place where people living on the margins of society could be received between 1973 and 1975. Pierre gives details of his new project, which became concrete in October 1979 with “L’Arche de la Colombe”.

Firstly, adore Then, there’s the compassion

Talk given by Pierre Goursat about small sacrifices, adoration and compassion, during a Fraternity of Jesus retreat.


This workshop was animated by Pierre Goursat and Sister Ancilla Beretta (from Italy). During this period, numerous prayer groups were encountering difficulties or desired to start a community.

Pierre Goursat strongly invites them, as a priority, to open up to others and to evangelise. During this period, many Emmanuel groups in Paris had started going out onto the streets to evangelise (for example, the prayer group from Notre-Dame-des-champs, from the 2nd of February 1979), which was for them a source of renewal.